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Pool Tables Atlantic


Install it yourself...and save!

Buying a pool table online is very easy and you can even save by installing it yourself with our simple step-by-step video – If you prefer to have a technician do it for you, we have qualified technicians in most regions of Atlantic Canada.


Simply call us at 1 877 739 7459 or email us and we will refer you to an installer in your region!

Watch our installation video and see for yourself!
You can also order the installation kit DVD.
Image by Pau Casals

Can I really install my own pool table?

Make it even more fun... get family or friends to help you! After seeing the large collection of "DIY" (do it yourself) shows on TV, we decided we should definitely offer the option of letting customers install their pool tables themselves. Not only is it rewarding once it's done, but our complete installation kit with an instructional DVD will ease away any stress you may feel about installing your own table - and your warranty isn't void because you've installed it yourself!​


We aren’t saying it won’t take you at least 3-6 hours to install it properly and ensure it’s leveled, but we are certain that anyone who can lift a drill and hammer and is well prepared (i.e. view the DVD at least once before starting) can install any of our pool tables themselves. Remember, it's a full bolt construction, so no need to worry about stripping the wood or your screws - and you can always view our installation DVD on this page to see if you are comfortable with the DIY approach.​We also offer the option of having your rails pre-felted prior to delivery of your pool table.


For only $70, Pool TablesAtlantic will pre-felt your 6 pool table rails with the felt colour you have chosen. This is one of the more difficult steps in the installation process and will save you time and effort! Furthermore, our customer service representatives are here to help you if you run into any trouble – just call us at 1-877-739-7459!

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